Achievements / Important Dates

July 2012


  • Return to hour long PT sessions after work first session 3rd of July, previous hour long session 31st of January.
  • Join SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre as full club member to compliment Next Generation membership.
  • purchase and setup a “bicycle trainer” (allows a conventional push bike to be used as an exercise bike.
  • complete a hour one personal training session full weight bearing, without a mobility aid.
  • complete a 60 minute deep water hydro (pool based) exercise class (pool is 3M deep and a buoyancy belt is worn)

June 2012

  • Re-start weekly personal training session under advise/ direction of Physio, half hour non-weight bearing.
  • Begin own Physio  prescribed Hydro Rehab program at Corporate Health Group.
  • Registered to participate in Adelaide, City-To-Bay Fun Run (6km Walk) registered as team manager for “Team Pilko”. One Sister and daughter, eldest niece and one professional “Team Pilko” contact and partner going to join me.
  • Review of Sleep Apnea by treating specialist, 95% pressure average reduced by half since original prescription, testament to diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Tour SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre, later take Father to attend so we could both do Hydro programs.
  • Engage Emma as a “home based” PT with work outs happening in home garage.
  • Drop use of elbow crutches and walking stick within 8 days
  • Return to work after nearly two full clear months off

May 2012

  • First PT session with Georgia
  • Day Surgery:- Ankle Arthroscopy & debridement + talar ostectomy + subtalar joint arthrotomy & washout
  • Stop work and focus solely on pre-surgery strength building of ankle and core muscles (pre-hab)
  • Return to Pilates Group Mat Class with Daniela Taddeo

April 2012

  • Attend as accompanying person  a financial planning conference in Melbourne for  5 days. With the assistance of a Pneumatic Foam Walker (Moon Boot)  crutches and using a wheelchair to get from check-in to the plane.
  • Weight Loss 26kg

Feb 2012

  • Regularly attended Boxing X-Train class at 6:15am on a Monday morning, until physio didn’t clear me to attend.

January 2012

  • Engage Physiotherapist

December 2011 / January 2012

  • Travel overseas to New Zealand on-board a cruise ship, leaving Sydney arriving in Auckland for 14 days. Climb rigging on Tall Ship in Bay of Islands. Push Father who is predominantly wheelchair bound for duration. Destroy (wear-out)  pair of cycling gloves and blister both hands as a result. Use on board gym multiple times and visit Next Generation. Loose weight while on trip (almost unheard of)

November 2011

  • Engage Dietician and Personal Trainer



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