Set backs

This page I’m going to use to list some set backs along the way

Ankle January 2012

In late January 2012 I injured my ankle we think, while doing a aqua class at the Gym. I further aggravated while at worked and finished off the job back in the pool. as of April I’m now on crutches and not cleared for pool work.

April 2012

Having visited an orthopedic surgeon a few times and having a cortisone injection and MRI there was no clear diagnosis apart from some chronic swelling.

A visit to a sports GP diagnosed with a lateral process of the talus fracture (snow boarders ankle)

Second orthopedic surgeon consulted, confirmed fracture and that I had a bone fragment loose in the ankle joint.

May 2012

Surgery to remove bone fragment and clear out chronic synovitis.

Week and a half non weight bearing on crutches.

Intensive physiotherapy commenced four days after surgery

25th of June 2012

Return to work after 2 months full time off of work. Initially full-time then cut back to part time after a two weeks as endurance wasn’t there.

July 2012

Coritzone Injection into Ankle

End of August 2012

Further Coritzone Injection into Ankle and MRI

Return to work full time

September 2012

Surgeon happy with progress and I’m now officially of  “list”, no future appointments scheduled.



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