Mind over matter

I write this blog entry as I’m at a local cafe waiting for them to bring me an amazing chicken salad.

The past week has been very challenging, I’ve had a second surgical consult and the path forward is now clear. While surgery was a strong possibility previously there was not a strong diagnosis or treatment approach. There is no way I was going to consent to explorative surgery. The consensus from friends is that Sportsmed SA are leaders in dealing with my type of injury and with a suggestion from my podiatrist I selected a surgeon to meet with.

Now I don’t think anyone should “love” there surgeon, but a straight shooter, no hold bars up front approach is what I needed and more importantly he provided.

Explained to me what’s happened and more importantly the current and future management plans.

I’ve had to take a lot of time off work as I have been struggling to cope with the most basic things, little loan hold up working full time. To their credit work have been incredibly supportive.

Prior to the second consult on Tuesday I was at a massive loose end and starting to get really depressed. Gone was my normal cheerful self and the most mundane things were big efforts. With no clear path forward the road ahead seemed untenable.

I’ve been credited as a positive thinker and while on the surface that’s true. Deep down its a battle.

A battle not taken on alone, team pilko is now a group of 11 , I have brought together a massive team of people to get me through this.

After a great consult with my Physio this morning who I think can read me better than I give her credit for, we both look at each other to gauge reactions. I try and hold my own particularly in pain. So despite trying to put on the brave face and say “it’ll be fine” my Physio really can read me like a book and know when I might be fibbing just that bit!

I’m now stopping for lunch before battling a daemon head on.

I believe most of my injury was either done in the pool or at least aggravated by it.

Today a limited clearance from my Physio has been given to return to the pool. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for ages but wanted to make sure I wouldn’t aggravate what is already a sore and partially broken Pilko! With ankle strapped, I’m now preparing to return to the very place that this pain begun.

With being out of the moon boot, I’m having to support the ankle myself and that is proving quite the challenge. The moon boot is great in supporting the ankle and taking pressure off, but it comes at a massive price as the joint is immobilized which weakens it.

I need to continue to build the strength up in the coming weeks so that the ankle is as strong as possible pre-surgery. This I’m told should help with post of re-hab. Apparently what I’m doing now according to my Physio it “pre-hab” 🙂

I’m a fighter and I’m going to reclaim the pool as the great place it deserves to be. Create some new memories, rather than reflect on the pain and suffering in the past.

I look forward to sharing my experience with you.

Lunch is served!


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