Day in review

This is my first post from my mobile in a while so it should be short and sweet 😉

Good day today had some counseling this morning. I’m going OK I just need that bit of extra help. That said I’m almost talked out as I’ve had so many consults of late it’s tiring.

I’m having real issues with sleep and it’s causing havoc with my sleep apnea. I’m really lucky I sweet talked my way into getting into seeing my specialist next Monday. My apnea is so bad one night off CPAP is like a week of bad sleep for someone else, it really is that bad. I got a new mask last week and it’s helping my compliance as the biggest problem was falling asleep without the mask on.

I then had an hour long massage, the third in eight days. My body really is taking a battering right now and massage is just one way I’m dealing with that.

Last appointment today was with an exercise Physiologist who last saw me in October 2011 when I was 26kg heavier and 23cm wider in the waist.

Although concerned about my injury he was pleased at my progress and determination.

Tomorrow is two weeks to the day of surgery. Most of my medical team are impressed with my resolve and commitment.

My main PT was surprised that I was even talking about return to training, little alone booking in.

I know together we can achieve my goals and getting my brain on board is part of that.

Something which is helped is that I’ve stepped down the main level of pain killer I’m using.

I’m not going to post what I’m using as this is a public forum. I will say however I’ve been running maximum doses of some of “the good stuff”.

There are times I switch back up as needed. Every single tablet I swallow is logged, time and dosage wise so my treating medical team and I can review. The level of detail this makes available greatly helps in my overall case management. I’ll post later what technology I’m using to manage my treatment.

So now I have been given a home exercise program both for free weights (dumbbells) and floor based exercises.

I still need to procure a suitable bench and weights which I will do later in the week.

Tomorrow I return to modified personal training. The first time in two weeks and first ever post op.

I’m only cleared for upper-body, non weight bearing. I’ve had my inner liner gloves repaired and I’m ready to make myself sore again for the right reasons.

Part of this is I want to punch the crap out of the pads.

I have a lot if pent up frustration that needs an outlet and my physio suggested this outlet needs to be focused, so boxing it is!

My mother will be driving me tomorrow and I’ve warned her to watch out as I’ll be in fine voice 😉 She not a fan of boxing and I suspect if she does witness what I do, she may not like it! That’s fine it’s not about her in this instance!

My return to exercise is being carefully monitored to ensure injury is prevented.

PT has a clearance letter from Physio and copy of surgical report.

Challenge tomorrow while training is as much mental as it is physical.

I’m really looking forward to it

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