Swings and round-a-bouts

Today’s post is swings and rout-a-bouts otherwise known as “good days and bad days”

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I let frustration and anger get the better of me.

I had three key appointments.

The first was an initial consult with a Physio at Corporate Health Group to get me back into a Hyro Rehab Program.

Despite corrective surgery my ankle is still chronically unstable. The surgery has weakened the ankle further and it requires hefty rehab. Nothing that worries me its a process I have to go through. I keep telling myself I’ve had minor surgery, but when I met with my surgeon it was quite clear it was major.

My frustration with this consult is they didn’t have a fax my Physio had sent through, thankfully I had a copy of it. The appointment was largely procedural for their benefit.

I was already Physio cleared for Hydro, have a program written up all I needed was for someone to go through the exercises and let me in the pool.

So I’m in the pool at 8am tomorrow morning, really looking forward to it.

I was running back-to-back appointments which I try and avoid as often they run late and I also still tire easily.

I went to the next appointment which was for a sleep review. I suffer severe sleep apnea and since surgery have been having real compliance issues.

Specialist ran about 20 minutes late which isn’t usual. In my fluster I forgot to refer to my prepared notes and as I result I’m going to have to re-book.

It was a good appointment though, specialist said my compliance currently is actually much better than some of his more “normal” patients. So given that I’m recovering from surgery, stressing my body in different ways I should be commended. So I was happy with that.

Final appointment of note was with my new remedial sports masseur.

Amy is a gun, she’s only massaged me a few times, has only recently graduated from her Dip in Massage but her approach is just amazing.

Little bugger got me swearing through treatment which is unusual for me. (I’m normally quite the gentleman!)

I had to go to the chemist and my usual chemist didn’t have any of the regular staff I know working. The young lady who tried to help me was of almost no help.

I ended going to Chemist Warehouse as I had an idea what I needed and they were a bit cheaper than the other chemist I go to.

I’ve been having some problems with my wounds particularly the large incision.

The tape they put on was half coming off, in my rush to remove the tape so I could recover it I opened the wound up which wasn’t a smart thing to do.

I won’t go into detail, but I put a new dressing on and got it covered back up.

Ended out calling Sportsmed this morning and chatting to one of the nurses who gave me some great pointers.

So yesterday go to me a bit.

I was confident that today I could turn it around and make it a positive day.

Had three things to sort out.

  1. Wound care
  2. PT
  3. Physio

Called Sportsmed and worked out how to deal with my wounds. When I was in high school I was a St John cadet and I’ve got my Senior First Aid cert and I think it’s largely my cadet experience I’m pulling on. It comes down to confidence, I actually had a fair clew what I needed to do, I just needed a bit of guidance.

Caught up with Sean by PT, I’m actually running two PTs and about to add a third.

It’s a little excessive but it does actually work well.

Sean was great at helping me keep up my training consistency and by pushing just a little bit.

I’m still struggling a bit but unless I’m on a death bed there is no way I’m going to miss a PT session. They are far too valuable to miss.

We spoke about whole range of things and because the studio was empty we were free to move around and it was a nice relaxed atmosphere.

This afternoon I had a private consult with my Physio only a standard appointment as straight after I was in for a hour long Pilates Mat class.

I’m working with my Physio to get me ready for a return to work. Part of that is getting me more stable on my ankle. Part of it will be the supply and purchase of an ankle brace.

A lot of Physio and allied health companies buy from company known as Practitioner Supplies. I’ve done some research on that companies site for ankle braces to find the one my Physio recommended.

PS, had a banner ad showing a new ankle brace that was meant to be “the new standard in ankle braces” it’s also on sale this month which is almost about a third off the price of the recommended brace.

I grabbed the information about the brace and emailed it through to the Physio for review.

I also emailed my Podiatrist to get her view.

Physio has been great, they are going to order both in. I’ll try each one and I’ll only have to pay for the one I/we like.

Finished up the private consult and it was time for the group class to start.

This is the first day of this class and they only had two people (including myself) book in.

Not sure if the class is going to last with so low numbers, but I made full use of the hour.

Was great to spend an hour in the Pilates studio. My rehab and recent Physio visits have no allowed for so much time in the studio. I do Pilates at my Physio’s practice http://www.therapia.com.au/ it has to be one of the most impressive Pilates Studios.

It’s a great space and to have access to class for an hour for $28 with a Physio to client ratio of 2-1  is a bargain.

In true form I had a heavily modified program to do, but Liz who took the class who is my Physio did a brilliant job.

Even thought Liz kept a close eye on me, I really struggled with the class. Even though it’s “just Pilates” anyone that has done Pilates knows that when you slow things down, focus on your breathing while doing the exercises it’s actually very hard normally.

It’s demanding mentally and often physically.

I only took my mid strength pain killers prior to this class and while I’m trying to reduce my usage of pain killers there is only so far you can push without them.

Anyway, I’m at home, just eaten dinner, about to ice the ankle and head for an early night.

Got a big day tomorrow with my return to the pool! Looking forward to it.





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  1. Keep up the positive attitude even on your down days! I have a very vague recollection of you being a cadet lol and you are right with your assessment on pilates – anyone who thinks it’s “just pilates” isn’t doing it properly

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