Return to work and week in review

So this past Monday saw me make my long awaiting return to work.

I was quite nervous about retuning as due to the way my injury was managed I was in and out of work a lot and quite unreliable.

I was keen to make sure this didn’t happen post surgery. My return to work was delayed until the holidays so the place was quieter than normal

So it would make my return that bit easier and I belive that was a great stroke of genius.

I was so keen to return to work I woke around 4:30am so by the time work ended around 4pm I was so tired. Ankle is still thoobing a bit, but that’s largly due to it doesn’t cope getting cold and with me sitting for long periods.

The key will really be a good mix of staying off the ankle but also moving it too.

Sort of felt like I started a new job, although I knew everyone.

That feeling changed as the week went on and I felt more comfortable at work.

Managed to fit in two Pilates mat classes this week  which was great.

Still hurting from the PT session with Emma on the weekend I opted to do a Pilates class on the Tuesday rather than  PT session.

I’ve just done a 1hr PT session with Emma today and I’ll be interested to see how I pull up.

I have a massage booked with Amy on Monday and I’m hoping she can get stuck in and release some of my soon to be sore muscles

So I can train with Sean on Tuesday.

Work have been very understanding and how allowed me to continue two pool session a week on the understanding that the time taken off is made up which is of course perfectly fair.

That agreement finishes next week as my third week is to be a “as normal” approach. I’ve chosen to do 8am starts, even though with the school holidays I could start at 8:30am. With an 8am start the roads are easier to get around and I’m building up routine.

The 6 weeks post-surgery haven’t been easy, so I gave myself a free pass to do virtually whatever I needed, when I needed.

The problem with that is there was little routine.

So my plain with the routine building has gone well so far, while I’m still having some issue with sleep it normally only lasts a night which is great.

So still early days with the return to work, but it’s on track and this week would be the first full week at work since before Easter which is a major achievement in itself.

Finished the week off with 1hr PT with Emma which was great. Emma tells me that the results of the sessions are always and only me. It’s the adage of you get what you give.

Working with the right people helps.

Tomorrow I have a afternoon tea to celebrate my mum’s birthday and then it’s time to sign up to SA Aquatic and take my dad in for our pool session.

Oh yeah and time to get a haircut,  badly need one.

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