Free hugs

So today was kinda a weird day at work. Today was the first day of week 4 back at work. I’ve had a graded return to work because for the past 3 weeks around 95% of the staff have been away and starting last week I’m working half days.

Now I’m all to aware that when you go through something like I am (particularly atm with an acute ankle injury) you don’t do this alone.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the reaction I got from people seeing me today.

Over the past few months, people have seen me go from a fitness improving person.


  •  walking with a limp
  • walking with a very pronounced limp
  • on crutches
  • on crutches and with a moon boot

Today while still waking with an ever increasing limp again the crutches are gone, I’m more alert and there is my trademark smile.

The impact from many has been remarkable, everything from “bloody great to see you on your feet” to a couple of hugs.

I don’t hug much but it really is quite validating, hugging to me is a fairly personal thing, there are some close friends I hug, however most times I keep my distance.

Why do I keep my distance? It’s a self protective thing. It got me thinking, what am I protecting myself from?

I’ve just did a Youtube search for the original “free hugs” video, it was posted nearly 6 years ago and has had almost 73 million views.

So I ask the question what have we learn in that 6 years and what are we doing as individuals?

Please watch the video below, I think we’ve got caught up with our “busy busy busy” lifestyle and have forgotten some of the most basic interactions in life.

Watch the video full length, it’s quite amazing the reactions the camera has recorded. However just as important, listen the the lyrics, powerful stuff!

Now lets not get carried away and go hug everyone, but put yourself out there a bit more. I know I plan to.

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