It’s all very well having a goal, but if your not focused on what your doing right now you won’t get there.

This week I’m binging on exercise, I was meant to have two recovery days, but owing to circumstances, I’ve cut this to one.

I have no endurance currently which is proving to be a real problem at work, plus I’m having all sorts of sleep issues.

Best way to deal with this is push myself so I’m naturally tired and fall asleep!

With my training program there are currently two, one hour PT sessions a week. My entire mind and body has to be focused when I train as if I don’t it can be dangerous.

I’m swimming in deep water and now boxing with bruit force. I’ve managed to stuff up quite a few rounds of boxing because my focus was off. It takes me a split second to get distracted and then I need to re-focus.

When you land punches like I do, you need to be just a bit careful. When I trained with Emma on the weekend I tasked her to be a stickler for technique.

She was, I hated her for it but it was needed. They say practice makes perfect. If you practice the wrong thing it ain’t going to be perfect. That said ones needs to learn from their mistakes, but one has to be willing and able to make and accept mistakes when they are made.

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