On ya bike!

It’s been nearly a month since I last blogged.

I’ve lost of bit of passion when it comes to writing, plus I’m still trying to figure out just how much of this journey I want to share with the world.

Be an interesting couple of weeks, got my feet in the sand and ocean a couple of weeks ago and last weekend got my push bike back from a service and went for a 10km ride.

I’ve not ridden regularly in over 7 years and when I tried a few years ago, I could barely get around the block.

On Saturday I went for a ride and chose to start going into a headwind (I figured a headwind was better at the start than on the way back)

Had no real plans on how far I’d go, wanted to work that out as I went along.

Thankfully I have a bike track near my house so I didn’t have to worry about traffic. Sure it’s just like riding a bike, but you do have to watch what your doing and remembering how to maneuver around corners etc is interesting.

My bike is a mountain bike with front suspension which is always a bit of fun.

In the end I figured a 10km ride total was a good start and I’ll build it from there.

Was great to get on the bike and head off and be out and about.

Next time though will fill my drink bottle more and make sure I wear my cycling gloves!

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