Unplaned hospital admission

About two weeks ago in the middle of the week, I suddenly became incredibly sick.

By the Saturday morning I was so dehydrated I had to present to the Emergency Department to seek urgent medical attention.

It was clear to the staff I was so dehydrated that I required IV fluids. In the next 4 hours I had 3L of fluid via IV and then feeling better I discharged myself.

By the Sunday afternoon the benefits of that intervention had ceased and by Monday morning my body was feeling like it was cooking from the inside and various parts of my body started to shut down.

This obviously was quite a concern and quite frankly scared me. I did not appreciate just how shutdown my body was.

I re-presented to the Emergency Department where and additional 2L of IV fluid was given and then the decision to admit me for close monitoring was made.

I was an in patient for 4 days and in the first 48 hours the level of care and attention to my well-being was overwhelming.

I was focused purely on getting better and while I still shared a bit of what was going on with social media I cut all in person contact with family and friends I was incredibly ill.

Part of the problem was I lost around 6kg of weight in about 3 days which made me incredibly fragile.

The nursing staff charged with my care were amazing and I do credit my return to health to their care.

After the first 48 hours in hospital I started to so significant signs of improvement, although a bit slow. The first 24 hours was quite a concern for all involved.

One your body get badly dehydrated, the process the body goes through to “kick start” itself and get back to normal is a really rough process.

Because of the public nature of this blog, I’m not going to go into detail, however the road now traveled was quite the challenge and journey.

I now write this blog entry 4 clear days out of hospital and can say I’m feeling a lot better.

I have received detailed advise from my GP and Dietician how to manage my situation and have made a remarkable recovery.

I am so pleased that I have access to such a great health care system as for the first couple of days I was not in a good situation to take charge of my own well being.

I consider myself once again blessed by dealing with such amazing health care professionals charged with my care, doing their utmost for my benefit.

Words can not express my gratitude.

With that, it’s time to move on to a new goal and wrap up the year.

Merry Christmas all and hope you have a moment to reflect on the year that was and goal set and look to 2013 with optimism.

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