The balance of exercise

I’m feeling a little lost right now, I’m a little annoyed at myself.Not the weekend just gone but the on the previous weekend, I took myself away to prepare and re-group for a really frantic week at work.

I got a little carried away with one of my rides and I’m carrying a bit of an injury.

So I’ve had to take a step back this past week which is annoying.

It got me thinking though when I look at what I’m trying to achieve.

I’ve set myself a goal of doing a tri-athlon within the next year or so. Probably a mini to get a feel for it and then move up as my fitness improves.

The whole ideal in general is to increase the intensity of what I can and to always push that bit harder.

Last week we upped the anti in PT and it payed off.

I focus on doing three types of exercise group, one-on-one & on my own.

Traditionally I do Pilates & aqua (both shallow & deep) in groups and the one one on is my PT.

The on my own has so far been the bike and some walks.

It really is a nice mix of getting out and about with people but also having that time alone where you get to unwind and recharge.

The other balance I’m struggling to find right now is the work – life, work-life-exercise balance.

Again I’ll keep chipping away and having it all! being able to work full time and do structured exercise. I just need to do in incrementally.

Having the level of fitness I now have give me increased options and when I improve even more it opens up even more opportunists 🙂

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