Day 3

So this morning I woke up feeling fairly good, pain isn’t a big issue and I’ve managed with largely over the counter meds which this early on is amazing.

Rang my Physio’s reception today I’m feeling sore in my legs again and I’d like to re-visit what I can do at home. To my surprise they are now open on Saturday afternoon. That was awesome the first appointment offered was 9:30am which was half an hour away and I hadn’t showered yet nor had a ride.
So went with 2:30 which was just brilliant. I can’t remember what I did in the morning apart from take my time having breakfast and showering. After stacking it yesterday I had to take things slowly.

Was nice to sit in the shower and have the warm water run over me, having a mixer tap means once the water heats up it’s always the same temperature which is great.

Manged to angle myself with the kneewalker so I could stand and shave, that was amazing.

Not sure what else I did, but cooked a stirufry lunch and then sharon and kirsty took me to my phsyio.

Everyone loved the knee walker no one had seen them before. Although they really don’t like uneaven footpaths, and I was worried about stacking it around the physio office. The footpaths are terrible like that.

Anyhow got in and had a consult, did a review some treatment and then my Physio reviewed my stance on the walker and deemed I was too high (which I always had questions about) was so please she was prepared to look at something she had no involvement in previously.

Headed home for a rest.

Had lite ‘n’ ezy meal tonight that wasn’t too bad, I think for the moment it will be cooked/ handmade lunches and zapped dinners.

Before surgery I had not prepared one lunch or dinner meal at home (or even zapped it) I’ve not eaten take-away since tuesday night, not bad!

Been a good day potting around the house and journal-ling.

Pain today is well managed and only really taken paracetamol although I’m getting really bad twinges now, so will take one heavier one so I can sleep.

Physio says I have good range in my feet/ toes all things considered so i need to focus on that.

Today I can PWB a bit, but it’s best that I don’t right now so heeling can begin. Scar tissue will form once where I had bone and I need to ensure that tissue moves.

I feel as though things are going well and  could go back to work on Monday but I know I have to rest my feet as they quickly get sore.

I’m moving between the lounge and bedroom, in an attempt to avoid cabin fever.

I’ve got a few pre-recorded foxtel shows I should what, that will be good. Enough for one day, time to sleep.

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