With a hint of stubbornness

I have had quite an interesting time since last writing.

Managed a 4 day week at work last week, I’m headed tomorrow to complete my first full week back at work since surgery.

This week has been quite the challenge on so many fronts.

I’m going to keep this largely personal as that’s the focus of this blog.

Comment of the week would have to go to the dry wit of a couple of nurses I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with this week.

One in particular sees me in two post op shoes and says something like “oh…. You look like you’ve had some surgery”

Yeah second round in about 12 months and a week!

Lets face it in many ways I’m my fathers son and as a byproduct of that is dedication, determination and hard work. To some it could be seen as being stubborn!

It’s been explained to me that this “stubborn ness” if focused correctly is not a bad thing!

I have to might for many things and sometimes it gets really easy to get caught up in sweating the small stuff and is often the case not being prepared to take chances.

My mobility right now is really frustrating me. It’s such a fine line. Do too little and get depressed due to isolation. There are times I just have to accept there are things I still can’t do.

That said there are times you push though and surprise yourself with your abilities.
That said you literally have to be ready for the pain when you screw up.

The trick is making sure what you are doing is consistent with your goals. Taking it easy, one step at a time or just not over doing it are popular terms.

The challenge is their and one needs to pick a balance between the conservative approach and taking risks.

The rewards should not be underestimated.

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