The begining

You have to start somewhere so lets wind the clock back to the start of 2011

I’m lucky to enough to work somewhere where there is a commercial kitchen on site that prepares meals for a few hundred folk a day.

I approached the catering manager and asked if it were possible for the kitchen to provide lunch for me (obviously at a cost to me) we agreed and lunch started.

In the past for me any exercise “kick” has had to follow diet changes. If you live on junk food you aren’t getting the nutrients your body needs to function.

As a result your always tired, have no energy or motivation.

I used to eat way from home for 99% of ALL meals.

So lunch started being provided and instead of eating “the burger special” from the local lunch shop I now had fresh salads and meets with a piece of fruit. Typically a banana or apple.

I don’t remember the exact order in which this occurred but 2011 gave me a couple of decent health scares. Firstly I woke up one morning with severe chest pain, felt like I was sleeping under an elephants foot. I knew it wasn’t heart burn because I’ve had that before. This was chronic pain. I logged onto the heart foundation website to check to see if I was having  a heart attack.

I honestly wasn’t sure, being a bloke I figured it would pass, so despite feeling really poor I got dressed and headed for work. The pain was so bad I could hardly cope having the seat belt on my chest. I got to work and the pain killers kicked in and it cleared.

I decided that if that was a warning I head i loud and cleared. Visited my regular GP and got a referral to a cardiologist.

Quickly got a stress test done and despite being very unfit (I only half completed the test) I past.

Later in 2011 I had routine blood work done and my blog glucose was showing as impaired.  My GP had me do a glucose tolerance test and yep, I had a glucose level that diabetics strive for. So Doc’ tells me if I don’t soon do something I’m headed for type 2 diabetes if I don’t make changes inside of 12 months.

This was on top of my blood pressure which I’m told at the time I very high.

Time to do something.

I had consulted a dietician some years ago and her and her husband run a dietary and personal training business.

I had emailed her some months prior asking if I could consult with her again and she said it would be best for me to meet with one of her dieticians on staff.

I never followed up.

I made contact with this dietician and i started from there.

It was great, this guy seemed to want to listen to pilko’s story, his view was that he wanted to learn how we got here. Simply really, stop riding your push bike when you get your drivers license, fall into the wrong crowd who live off take away and have a home environment that hates to cook.

So we started to learn about what to not eat and what things to eat. Each fortnight I’d start off with a new list of things to try and we talked about “trolley control” that is, don’t keep temptations in the house, if you don’t put them in the trolley they don’t get into the pantry.

I was also taught to read food labels, important to work out what goes in your mouth.

I went grocery shopping and it took ages, I stopped bought things I’d never bought before or in a long time.I must of spent a good 15minutes at the dairy case looking for “healthier cheese” and a good 10 minutes in the breakfast cereal aisle making sure I bought “the right” cereal.

So I had my diet getting under control.

What the hell do to about exercise.

Two options personal training and group classes.

So I emailed this private PT gym and spoke with the managing director, we met had a chat worked out what I wanted. He paired me up with Sean. We met and started weekly workouts for an hour.

I also started group classes

I can’t remember how it developed but my exercise program was thus:-

Sunday 45 minutes Group Aqua Class + 90 minutes Pilates (group basic class)

Monday 45 minutes Group Aqua Class (later dropped for the 6:15am 55 minute boxing x-train class with Emma who I’ll talk about later)

Tuesday 1 hour Personal Training 1 one 1

Wednesday 45 minutes Group Aqua Class

Saturday morning 45 minutes Group Aqua Class

That was a lot, but it was working well, I started to drop kilos, exercise was great, loving the adrenaline made some new friends and made this a lifestyle change. It all fitted well into place.

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