Mixed bag of a day

So today has been a real mixed bag.

Started after having virtually no sleep, headed and saw my GP it’s kinda funny his first name is Ian too.

The GP works out of one of the Primary health care clinics which are a big one stop shop medical practice.

I’m very lucky when it comes to this GP as he will always allow me to skip the queue. Today I only had to wait about 10 minutes before I consulted with him and we spoke for about 20 minutes.

This particular GP is a new addition to “Team Pilko” has a slightly different perspective on things which is useful. Thankfully he was brought in well before surgery so he’s been one of my stable places of advise.

I’m fighting a bit of a sea saw at the moment and my emotions are still running a bit high, my plan is to take one more week off work and then pending clearance from my Surgeon and Physio I should be set.

It seems a bit daunting right now but it’s just over a week since I’ve had surgery and I’m miles improved to where I’ve come from.

As much as there are still struggles and obstacles in the way I have a clear goal ahead and for the first time in months I know it’s achievable.

By the end of tomorrow I will have had almost 3 hours of consult with my Physio and with the addition of home exercises I’m really coming along well. I have 2 hours booked next week with the hope of adding a third.

Physio is really happy with my progress, it’s continual gradual improvement. When people say “take the advise of your medical team it’s for your benefit” they aren’t wrong!

I cherish my professional associations and my physio is right up there. We have a lot of contact time and that makes for some great focused rehab.

After I got home from the GP visit this morning I crashed, while I largely remain positive there is still a battle going on. I had about 5 hours of downtime until I had to head to the Physio.

This morning at home was a little hectic, I had one expected courier delivery and do deliveries from Australia post.

Part of my planning is making sure that my return to work is timed to ensure it is successful. Work have been very understanding but I need to ensure when I return I’m fit for work. Part of that is being able to be at my desk at work and well work!

One of the deliveries today was for a foot rest. In the past I tried to use an Ikea footstall and that just wasn’t working (it’s miles too high)

The new footrest is a great little unit that can be adjusted while I’m seated. The plan for me is to increase my time in front of the computer next week so I can return to work and be comfortable and safe.

Headed to the Physio this afternoon it was going to be a bit different this time around as my Mum was able to drop me off but was unable to pick me up. Managed to organise a taxi and got home safely.

Jumping back for a moment to the Physio consult it was a great review, we’ve spent a lot of time on other priories and today we finally manged to do a review of my home based exercises. It’s really important to get this right. It proved very helpful as there were some corrections to my technique that were needed.

My GP is calling this major surgery (it’s major to the ankle joint) and to give myself the best chance of recovery I’m doing all I can to aid it. For me this means  frequent supervision where possible. If I was an inpatient I’d have daily visits from the Physio, while I can’t afford to do that right now, I can have three visits a week.

It’s great to have that level of contact.

Next week I will have one 1/2 PT session and I’ve lined up some counseling. I have some very clear goals which I need to achieve and I just need a little help with some strategies to help me over the line.

I watched the movie “Crackerjack” today it was such a hoot. I’m going to make an effort to watch at least one move a day, it’s proven to be a good little escape from reality.


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