Continual gradual improvement

Today I had my now regular Saturday morning Physio appointment. This came on the back of a 45 minutes appointment yesterday.

I’m ramping up my contact time so my progress can be more closely monitored.

Today was the first time we’ve had time to do a complete review of all my exercises, which was at it turns out very helpful for both the Physio and myself.

My discharge orders from hospital have been closely followed and because my physio was not part of that original process it was important for her to become aware of them. (we’d discussed them briefly last week, but hadn’t gone through them step by step)

Today was a great consult, with assessment review and goal setting for the week. I now have a current history letter which will be important as I return to exercise.

I am now cleared for a return to non weight bearing exercise which I will do under supervision with my personal trainer.

I’m in the process of re-engaging an exercise physiologist to review my home and gym exercises. This consult will be the last consult of a previous Medicare Enhanced Care Plan.

This week I’m also going to further investigate creating a small gym at home. For starters it will just be a flat weights bench and a few dumbbells.

I don’t see the point in adding too much more as I already have quite a bit of fitness gear. Plus I do have access to gym facilities at work and a commercial gym as well.

My physio is really happy with my progress, I’m very dedicated to what I’m doing and while I maybe slightly annoyed at my progress it really is now tangible.

My range of movement (ROM) is the best its been in months. I still have a lot of work to do, but Team Pilko is working harder then ever to get me literally back on my feet.

I can’t begin to explain how awesome it is to work with this group of dedicated professionals.

One work mate jokes about “it’s all about me” well for the moment it is all about me, it must, should and needs to be.

In the past 48 hours I like to think that I’ve turned a huge stone and that its onwards and upwards from here. In the summarized words of my physio today “if you keep going like your doing you’ll be fine”

As hard as it has been, it’s as simple at that.


One thought on “Continual gradual improvement

  1. Every goal that has ever been reached began with just one step – with the belief that it could be attained…
    I applaud your perserverance Ian

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