New Crutches!

So it came up time to renew the hire of my crutches which I’ve had for 3 months.

I should have asked a while ago how much to buy, turns out I’ve paid enough to have bought them twice, bugger!

I initially wanted to buy the crutches I was using as I have a history with them. Hire place wouldn’t let me do that. I was annoyed to start with, but in the end they did me a favor.

Turns out I wore out the grip at the bottom of the crutch and the new crutches have better softer handles and the arm brace actually provides support.

Really could have used this for the past week while I’ve been NWB, for most of the time I’m now PWB with a tenancy of moving to FWB.

With rebate from private health they are going to cost me about $12.

I couldn’t find a decent instructional video on youtube that deals with elbow crutches, so I’m going to collaborate with a friend of mine and make a video.

It’s all about having the right tools and equipment for the job.

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