Turning it around – Eye on the prize

So late last week, after having a crap nights sleep and getting frustrated at the pain caused by a simple visit to the GP I bottomed out.

My ability to cope was impaired and life through Pilko’s eyes seemed bleak.

In the afternoon I had a great consult with my Physio who kept me focused on my rehab and my end goal.

She was pleased that my range of movement (ROM) is the best it’s been in months. I still have pain issues, but they’ve changed and am improving too.

I met with my Physio again yesterday and another good consult. I asked her for a bruit honest opinion which she freely gave.

Again it would seem that I’m overestimating where I’m at, but as long as I keep my eye focused on the prize (end game) and continue what I’m doing I’ll be fine.

I backed up this positive influence by heading into Next Gen to the Cafe. Sounds weird going to a gym when you literally can do nothing.

There is a PT there who in the past year has recovered from ACL surgery. She was suggested to me via another staff member and we work incredibly well together.

We’ve only trained once together and she managed to push me harder than ever before. I think there has to be an element of male pride in this. This is the first female trainer I’ve worked with one-one-one for sometime and I think it brings out my competitive edge. Something which people will  rarely see.

The past year pre injury has been a real eye opener into my persona and certainly post injury and now rehab has changed my outlook again.

While this trainer hasn’t done an ankle she can relate on so many other ways it’s incredible. She’s a rather unassuming person, possibly a little quite for my liking, but the dedication and commitment, plus shear generosity is almost unmatched.

A late addition to Team Pilko a very needed and welcomed addition.

I’m really growing as an person in so many ways through this and Team Pilko is along for the ride.

It’s going to be interesting where it all goes, the dedication formed is remarkable.

While ankle surgery may seem minor when you piece it together with what I started in October 2011 it’s life changing.

To those in Team Pilko who do read this, thank you sincerely, after family and close friends you really are a valued part of my life.

I look forward to sharing my innovations and discoveries with you.

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