Ankle brace happiness

It’s a sad day when you get excited by an ankle brace.

I guess it just underpins everything I’ve gone though and that it is a key component for progress.

Tuesday will be week four since surgery, my foot is still sore, I still can’t stand for longer than about 5 minutes. Still having all sort of weight bearing issues and I’m still on crutches.

That said, I’m making significant progress and part of that is from the support and stability of the brace.

I discovered a more fancy brace which was cheaper but turns out the fit and support was terrible, so have gone with this one at my Physio’s recommendation.

Tubular compression bandage (tubigrip) only works so well and full on strapping is bad news. I’ve had to strap my ankle for about 6 weeks week prior to surgery and I’m still re-building strength as a result from the strapping. Getting strength back is a mix of land based exercise which is hard and often painful. My newest trick is Hydro, take the weight off and it makes a world of difference.

My Physio Liz is amazing, in the end we tried two difference styles of brace, one particular style we tried three sizes. Liz even drove to the supplier and picked up one for me to try, the day before a long weekend, now that’s dedication!

So pleased she did, have used it since the consult and fitting yesterday and it’s a great mix between bandage and strapping.

Better support than bandaging, but still allows for movement, strapping really immobilizes which for me is actually bad.

I was going to post an action photo, but the world doesn’t need to see my foot/leg again. This scanned image off the box gives you a good idea 🙂

My Ankle Brace

My Ankle Brace

So pleased with the result, I’m hoping the improved stability means I can build up strength which means I can ditch the crutches.

About a week ago I was a little too comfortable with them, now I hate them. I figure that’s a good thing as I’ll use that as motivation to get off them.

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