Back to back positives

So today I’m feeling a little “good pain” something I actually miss.

Pulled up a little sore this morning from the pool session but nothing bad.

This morning I had a half hour PT session, still being on crutches I’m NWB at the studio so it’s a 100% seated workout apart from hobbling between machines/benches.

That said, we upped the weights and reps a bit and some interval training on the grinder to get my heart pumping. While I’d like to think I’ve been capable of this before, this week was the right time to push me that bit harder. It’s what I loved about supervised training, the person gets to know you and your limits. That’s especially important right now as my limits change so regularly.

My shoulder is still a concern, but it’s finally coming good. Finally got to glove up today and land some punches into the pads. Again still fairly light and low in reps, but to get the pulse rate up and the adrenaline pumping, wow! It really reminds me what I’ve been missing and I know I’ve turned a real corner now as despite still having to make adjustments, I can feel that I’m confident, safe and ready in myself to push myself. That’s kinda handy as the City to Bay isn’t all that far away.

My PT was so pleased I came up with this idea, it’s going to be interesting to see my reaction when I do cross that finish line. It really is going to be the coming together of a lot of hard work, not only by myself but Team Pilko.

Something else that is really encouraging is my PT has indicated that despite running the 12KM leg, he’s going to try and come back and be with me at least part of the way as I complete the 6km walk.

I was only saying to a friend via chat last night, despite the challenging times I have been going through. I really am working with the most amazing people.

This blog is about my journey back to health, but in part it is a testament the hard working, dedicated health care professionals I’m proud to call Team Pilko.

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