Too excited to sleep

Not sure what’s going on, well I do, it’s a matter of containing it.

It’s almost 2am and I’ve had the most amazing day. Smashed my pool session to pieces, caught up with my Chiro who I’ve not seen for 3 months.

Checked in with my GP and that is all tracking really well. My reliance on pain meds is reducing and the wounds are all nicely closed. Tomorrow is going to be the first day I venture out without any bandaing or dressings on. I will however continue to use my ankle brace for the comming months.

On the way back from the GP I discovered Burger Thery in Light Sq, given they are all the rage on Facebook and Twitter I thought I should endulge.

I’m headed for the dentist and a PT session tomorrow, so either way I’ll pay for it.

Actually had a great experince at my chemist, staff noticing that I’m walking a lot better and it was nice to drop in and not have to pick up any medication for myself.

Spent the afternoon resting at home and that is probally why I’m wide awake (daytime sleeping can be a problem)

I can see it in myself the improvment literally, mind body and soul.

I decided to try the wobble board tonight and I managed about a minute before I had to get off.

Last time my Physio even suggested I try the wobble board I scoffed at it.

Now I know that I can push myself to weight bearing all that bit more.

But with all things Rehab will need my Physio’s guideance.

I look forward to walking into her studio on Friday for the first time in months without crutches and embrace the next step of my rehab journey.

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