Dedication rewarded

So today with help, I arrived on crutches and with a set of walking sticks and quad sticks.

Looks like I’ll jump going from crutches to just one walking stick.

Quad sticks aren’t for me, not entirely unhappy about that!

Will probably need to buy a stick that is weight rated for me.

I’ve been full time crutches since early march. I’m not totally off them yet but we’ve started the journey and I’m really looking forward to it.

Physio was keen to let me know I’m doing really well. Not just with rehab but I’m doing a whole pile of other exercises to help regain strength and flexibility.

My dedication is paying off and going strength to strength is what it’s about.

Back in the pool tomorrow, then it’s time to catch up with my Chiro.

Finally heard back from my boxing PT, hopeful we can face off on Saturday. I’m ready to unload a bit.

Return to work Monday is tracking well, pumped about returning. Have been off for nearly two months and my return is a major part of recovery!

You slowed me down, but you never stopped me!

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