Can’t afford nice clothes

Man may not maketh the clothes, but it does feel great to look good.

I’ve struggled over the past few years to look smart. It comes as being larger than most.

Until recently I had to always buy from the “big mans” type stores, over the past few months I’ve had the joy of being able to buy “normal” however there are still many exceptions.

While I’m not going to turn eyes as I walk around, at least I generally give a damn about my appearance.

The past week has seen me need to adhere to the work dress code and one slight sticking point if the wearing of neck ties for men.

Now I have a slight obsessions with neck ties I must admit, as a man you don’t always get to show individualism with a limited dress code.

Now I’ve tried avoiding wearing neck ties, as most of my shirts don’t fit well and I’m not prepared to fork out for shirts that will only last a few months.

That said this past week I’ve been careful with my shirt selection and have worn a neck tie and it’s amazing the compliments I’ve had. I’d forgotten how much a number of people appreciate my tie collection. While I have just over 30 there is a guy at work who has over a hundred. Even at 30, I believe quality over quantity, that said if your ever stuck on buying a gift for me a well placed vibrant tie is a winner.

The problem I have is I dislike buying cheap clothes, they are generally of poor quality, look terrible and feel and ware terrible. When I went back to wearing proper business shirts some years back I bought up on Harris Scafe $12 shirts, talk about pea shooter material. Now I try to always buy quality 100% cotton shirts. All my shirts have and will always be dry cleaned only. They also come at considerably higher cost. Thankfully we have the likes of Gloweave who are forever having sales and their outlet store at DFO Southwarth is now a favorite.

Prior to surgery I had to give in and be practicable and buy some new track suit bottoms. The ones I’ve worn previously are way too big. The ones I bought from Kmart cost all around $10 and the quality isn’t really there. The first few times I washed them I didn’t dare mix them with anything else as they linted everywhere.

Sadly due to a bit too much comfort eating and some other poor dietary choices I can still fit into them some months later.

Even though we are only early in the winter season I will have to hedge some bets and buy smaller trackies as when they go out of season they will be hard to source.

That said, I already have a pair of quality that I can’t fit into and that is  goal of mine.

Part of my determination is to be able to again re-build my wardrobe with quality clothing that looks good, feels good and affords me that sense of achievement which is currently seen as a weight reduction in 26kgs and a thinning around the waist of 16cm.

Caught up with my dietician during the past week and while 26kg down is a good effort, I sitill need to tip the scales below 100kg. The original aim was to do this by years end, but I fear that this goal will slip.

Despite two Pilates classes and 1 to 2 hour long PT sessions a week it’s not really enough to motivate me with my diet.

To loose weight you really have to be spot on with your diet. I’ve been there before and I know I can do it, I just have to find it in me. Right now I’m quite negative towards myself as I’m a hard task master. Right now all I want is the pain and discomfort from my ankle to largely bugger off.

During the past week my personal trainer Sean congratulated me for being so focused on my exercise, but for me until I can get exercising near 100% it will cause my diet to slip. It might sound a cop out, but i’ve always found exercise helps diet.

I have a second PT Emma who has forced me to re-evaluate  my pre work out diet. Emma pushes me far harder than anyone else. This is a special permission I give her as she is one of the few people I trust so much. A mix up in diet prior to training can have such an impact on your endurance.

It’s through her I’ve be reminded and rediscovered what I’m capable of. For someone who’s having massive confidence issues I can’t begin to explain how amazing that is.

For various reasons we trained two weeks straight, then with three off. All going well I can return to train with her next weekend and that should be totally amazing.

Looking forward to the week ahead and challenges it has, what ever they are.



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