Deep Water Hydro

So tonight it was time to try something different.

I’ve been back in the pool for some weeks now but I’ve missed the group exercise dynamic and I wanted a bit of a challenge. That and my Physio is a little worried about me injuring myself.

So what better way that to do a Hydro (pool) based class in deep water! How deep? 3M deep to be exact!

You front up and get given a buoyancy belt and then it’s time to get into the pool.

OK so I probably should have thought more about this, how do I get into the pool, when I can’t touch the bottom and I’m wearing glasses!

I did my usual trick, legs over the edge and slide in right? WRONG!

I lowed myself down and plunged straight into the pool above my head! So any plan to keep my glasses out of the water were gone. Rather than freak out, just went with the flow and laughed at myself.

Next time use the ladder and edge!

Class started and it was an instant winner. The buoyancy belt is amazing, your can float!

I was initially worried that I’d still be too large for it, but it turns out there was some slack in it.

Was great to be supported in the water and be able to get around.

Gave both my upper and lower body a awesome workout. Was able to do quite a few things I wouldn’t dream of trying on land.

I can’t begin to explain just how amazing it is to be in the pool, exercising, particularly my lower limbs knowing that it’s a safe way to exercise!

For probably the first time in months I’ve been able to get the legs working and I’m really excited about re-gaining fitness and strength.

Looking forward to Tuesday night next week to try it all over again 🙂



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