When it all comes together

This afternoon I was really lucky to have Emma my second personal trainer come and visit and train with me this afternoon.

Emma tells me it’s all about me, it’s not about her. I disagree, while I know to a certain extent what I can and can’t do, Emma has a unique way of pushing me well beyond my normal limits.

When I work out, music is really important to me. So before today’s training session I created a new playlist.

I’m happy to report that it worked far better than I imagined, I don’t think I give myself enough credit for my music abilities, when it comes to playlists.

It might help that Emma loves many of the music I do.

Also knowing the general flow of our workouts I can generally get the BPM set out in such a way it flows really well.

Having a great trainer, reasonable location (my garage) and the right tunes all helps.

I’ve had a bit of a further set back this week, I’m not clear to return full-time for work, which is annoying to all concerned.

Out of all of this, I’m just making sure that everything I do is supportive and focused on my return to work, because that’s really important to me.

I know Team Pilko and I can do it, it’s just a matter of time.

I’m going to be really interested in how I pull up, did more endurance than strength training today and that’s going to be interesting.

Now comes my time to relax, time to head to Next Gen for a spa.

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