Eye on the finish line

On Saturday when I trained with Emma it was clear to me that the t-shirts I wear while exercising are far too big.

Had to decided what to replace it with. With the Adelaide City-Bay Fun-Run coming what better way to self motivate than to buy one of their Asic tops. Bought the red one so it would stand out.

Happy to say the biggest size available XXL fits me quite well.

Today to my surprise I got my race number, turns out I’m the second entrant in my category. There is something quite satisfying knowing out of so many people I was so early to register. The organizers hope to have around 40,000 people attend, I’m confident I was within the first 1,000 to register.

Today I visited my Physio and functionally my ankle is the best she’s seen it (I started consulting this Physio as my injury began) so that really is good news.

I have some other issues to work through and I’m seeing my surgeon on Monday and hopefully some additional imaging can be done to clarify my situation.

I’m working the ankle pretty hard with exercise, but most of it is non weight bearing and what is done weight bearing is done under supervision.

Only concern is my left knee is starting to get sore again. I’m going to give it a week then I’m going to have to re- evaluate if I buy a brace for the knee as well.

Talking with my Physio today I may need to re-visit my ankle brace as well as for the 6km walk I may need something different.

Physio and PTs are supportive of my ability to complete the course we just need to be that bit careful.

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