Diet and exercise

I had someone at work ask me a few weeks ago what my secret was when it came to loosing weight (I’ve dropped around 26kg) and he said “don’t tell me it’s diet and exercise”

There are no secrets, it is diet and exercise.

I’m mentally and physically preparing myself to train with Emma tomorrow morning. Ever since I first engaged Emma as one of my personal trainers I told her to push me and push me hard, we actually work to the point of exhaustion. Something which when you first do can be a bit scarey.

It’s my own 60 minute version of boot-camp, there is a bit of shouting that goes on from both parties as we each test and push the boundaries.

When you stress your body like this, you do get one amazing adrenaline rush but you really have to carefully manage your foot and fluid intake before, during and after.

I’ve stuffed that up a few times and the resulting nausea and ill feeling isn’t worth getting it wrong.

While on the outside this might appear borderline crazy, it really is great to push the body physically and mentally. I’ve had a couple of set backs in the past week, my ability to partake in the 6km walk of the City Bay Fun Run really is unknown at this stage.

My Physio and PT’s say I’m mentally and fitness wise there, but the ankle and knee are of a concern. I’m not going to take any substational risks with my body however we are four weeks out and a lot can happen in that time.

At this stage I’m cleared to continue training and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Due to some knee strapping I’ve had to skip any pool based activity this week and will review that with my Physio on Tuesday.

Hopefully on Tuesday we can finally fit me with a suitable knee brace so I can avoid strapping the knee.

Challenging yet exciting times ahead.

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