Soft target:- dispelling the sterotypes

I’m growing just a little sick of stereotypes and pigeonholing in society.

I find it interesting how in many cases we’re such a shallow society and go by looks and assumptions.

In the Adelaide Sunday Mail (weekly main paper) there is a lift out called “Body + Soul” and in there they have a section about a good stretching program to do. It’s run by a guy who has a fitness studio in Sydney.

There’s a note in the column if you’d like to be a model please go to this web site.

I thought what the hell, lets make an inquiry and see what happens.

I probably shouldn’t be surprised but I was to the reply (I had already detailed my background and situation”

The reply I got read something like this “we pride ourselves on only using real woman who are supper fit and are inspirational to our readers”

Now I’ve lost the best part of 30kg but based on the BMI I’m still morbidly obese. So I know from a distance people sterotype me as “fat guy” and on the rare occasion that I eat fast food or buy chocolate people seem to think that’s just me.

Well it isn’t, my fridge is stocked with fruit and vegetables, I make a point of holding pre-made salads and keeping the actually healthy muesli bars at arms reach.

Now I am letting my food intake slip a little bit, but when I look at what I eat on a regular bases it’s an almost complete overall. Gone is the bacon and cheese sandwich for breakfast, the chocolate muffin or donut for morning tea and the burger special for lunch.

I used to always eat takeaway for dinner and never ate at home. Now takeway dinners would be one maybe two meals a week.

One of the biggest challenges I face is any new medical person I come across feels compelled to tell me “oh has someone spoken to you about your weight” it’s at this point my now lower blood pressure raises and a vein in my forehead does the best job of not exploding occurs.

What people need to realise is yes I am still fat and have been for most of my adult life. I’ve decided that’s not the life I want to lead and I’m making the hard decisions to rectify that.

I didn’t become obese in 12 months and it will take me a couple of years to reverse that.

This really is something I’m passionate about and it’s why I think I’ve managed to motivate quite a few people along the way.

Something else that I’ve committed to, is not to undergo any type of obesity surgery. The journey to this point in my life was ultimately of my own making and the recovery from that also will be of my own making.

I really wish society would wake up to itself and look beyond skin deep.

My experiences over the past few months have shown me more than ever it’s the individual and their approach and personality that makes all the difference.

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