Personal Best

Like many people I set goals. Most of the time I reach them and other times I don’t.

It only dawned on me last night what the ‘deal” with a personal best (PB) is.

I’m a competitive little bugger, from afar your wouldn’t know, but put me in the right conditions and it’s on for young and old!

As I’ve said many times previously I’m aiming to walk the 6km leg of the Adelaide, City-Bay Fun Run which is now under 4 weeks away.

Yesterday my Physio mentioned that it was “optimistic” and my two personal trainers are a  little divided.

Last Wednesday I walked 2.1km yesterday I set out to add a KM to that.

Well that really didn’t work out all that well! I decided I was feeling well enough to smash that out of the parked and came in a 4.34km.

Not I must admit I was a bit sore afterwards but that was largely due to be at the end of my pain killer cycle.

So now rather than “gone half way” I’m now two thirds the way.

I’m using RunKeeper to keep tabs on what I’m doing and at the moment I have it reporting back to me each minute what I’m up to.

A little over the top, but I did set myself a target pace and it was nice to know for every of the 50 minutes I was walking for I was ahead of pace.

Towards the end of the walk the challenge was purely against myself and I now know and appreciate why bettering what you’ve done previously is so strong and powerful!


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