Coritzone Injection

I was debating if I should post on this subject or not and given what an ordeal it has turned out to be I thought it worthy to post.

Yesterday I had to have a cortisone injection into my ankle. I’m actually progressing reasonably  well from ankle surgery however I’m still in a fair bit of pain. My surgeon tells me that he would have expected me to be more progressed than I am but given my history it’s not a total surprise.

Yesterday was my third injection, the previous one was incredibly painful and yesterday I was hoping for the best and prepared for the worst. When my surgeon penned the request form he told me after this I wouldn’t like him any more. Well at the time he was right, sadly I know that it must happen, but what an ordeal to go through.

They were running really late yesterday which didn’t help, I had to wait 20 minutes which is unusual and there was a 30 minute wait between the initial ultrasound and the injection. In the past I’ve had some really bad anxiety problems and while I’m a lot better at managing them these days I was tense.

The injection probably couldn’t have gone much worse, the pain as the needle broke the skin and pushed deep into my ankle joint put me into shock. I’m normally fairly good with needles but I actually moved my foot it was that bad. Obviously this was a bad thing to do and I was told as much not to move it. I full well knew this of course but if I ever do explain where they injected you’ll understand why I reacted in the way I did.

I left the medical rooms with a bad limp, my ankle was incredibly sore and  spent the night at home with my foot up and resting.

Not in any worse discomfort than usual today but on advise will be largely off my feet for today and tomorrow.

I’m too spaced out to type moreright now.

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