Well, here’s something that caught me by surprise.

Today is Sunday and in this family for my Dad at least that means church.

For the past 7 weeks that’s meant tuning into ABC1 for Songs of Praise.

Well today by hell or high water we were both going to church. Him on a power wheel chair and me in my post op shoe and a single crutch for support.

It’s a little bit of a operation getting us both moving, but so far it’s being going really well.

Taxi was actually early which made a nice change, but caused problems of it’s own!

The Taxi today was a small SUV type car, a config of an accessible taxi I’ve not come across before. It’s actually a format I really like and I think in time I may see if we can buy something similar.

Was great, plenty of room for me as a passenger but a fold out ramp for my Dad rather than hydraulic. The converted wagons don’t provide enough leg room for my Dad.

Fast forward, we arrive at church and make out way into what for me was familiar but old familiar and now changed territory.

My work place is afflicted with the Uniting Church of Australia, South Australia Synod.

While I have a very strong belief, my faith until today has always been questionable. My faith got a nice kick start when my Dad and I visited HIllsong’s Hills campus on Christmas Day.

I’m not sure if it’s the events of the past year, my own personal circumstances but I really did feel at home today.

The church is virtually unrecognizable from what I remember as a child, growing up attending church on a weekly bases through kindergarten to youth group.

Gone are the collars, ties and large formalities. Jeans, sneakers, iPads & iPhones are in.

A young man today spoke passionately to an engaged congregation on Psalm 69.

A little theatrical, but there was no mistakingĀ  his passion for the scripture in what he was reading.

The usual service goes for just over and hour. Today we were well over the two hour mark.

Apart from an issue I should have already spotted, the time didn’t concern me. It would have to have been one of the most inspiring and moving services I’ve attended to.

Not only did I relate to the message, the witness provided by some rather brave souls

it was like someone came and punched me in the face, didn’t even it coming.

Recent events have made me question virtually every part of my life and I think today the penny dropped of exactly what is being planned for my life and I’m all about this “bring it on” mind set.

I’ve indicated to the Pastor I’d like to catch up during the week.

I suspect I’ve found a calling, one from an unlikely source and while it’s going to be an interesting mix. Sitting separately from my father during the after church Sunday Soup Kitchen paid off. He mixed with his church friends of 60+ years. I met some new people who I hope in the future I can call friends.

The church has had a moto ever since I was aware “a family to belong to”

today that really did feel true.

I look forward to blogging more on this subject as there is so much positive happening in my life right now. Sure we are having challenges, but there is nothing that we can’t find away around.

Work hired a motivational speaker to speak to the non-teaching staff and he is known for being “an annoyingly positive person”

My goal is to be that person, push the limits, smash the boundaries, share the experince, motivate myself, others and as Uni SA once said, Life Impact.

As the pastor says “God is good” and I’m still figuring out why it’s taken two orthopedic surgeries and my Father away from home for 3 months for me to realise what opportunities knock at the door, if only I knew to listen.

The forecast for the rest of the week is greatness, I look forward to blogging more on this subject.



1 thought on “Religion

  1. The journey of life is predictably unpredictable! One does not know until the moment arrives where it will take us. Dispite the potholes and high lights of the road or sea we travel they each combine to form and enrich our life and lead us to discover even more of the richness of it. Blessings to you Ian
    Love Mum

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