Small steps

So right now I’ve had a great 24 hour period.

To help a mate help me I lent him my car. Means I had a driver for a few days which was awesome. The advise from my surgeon was as soon as I felt ready to drive, start off small and make sure you can accelerate and emergency brake easily.

Last night I got behind the wheel for the first time in two weeks and shrugged off some nerves and head out. Really happy with that so dropped my mate off and headed home.

Was nice to see the car in the garage last night.

We have two bathrooms in the house and my Dad and I have been sharing because we both had to shower with plastic bags on covering the wound sites.

I’ve been reliant on a shower chair and finally got the courage to shower standing up.

While I’ve had to get a suction cap grab rail to give me a little support being able to stand and have warm water drip over me was just amazing.

It also meant I could stop using a face washer to wash those more intimate parts of me :/

Headed into Dad’s post OP appointment today and things are going very well there, mine is tomorrow and I look forward to the removal of heavy bandaging which I think is causing some numbness in my toes.

Many challenges ahead, but ready to deal with them head on.



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