It’s the small things that you miss

So I’ve had quite the time these past few days.

Caught up with the surgeon and podiatrist this past Thursday.

I was feeling quite down when I consulted with the surgeon, I knew I was making progress but I really couldn’t see it.

He confirmed for me that the joint had more movement that he expected and did confirm that the wounds were looking largely ok. I’m really concerned about how I’m walking (or more to the point of wobling) The way I walk/wobble is a heel strike, flat footed gait which means I’m doing horrible things to my body and putting additional load/stress on other parts of the body to cope.

I think it’s the post op shoes actually doing what they are meant to do, in slowing me down and preventing from my foot to flex.

I get out of the post op shoes on Thursday and really looking forward to that!

Being told I couldn’t weight bare without the post op shoe on meant that I had to bag my foot and sit when showering. This presents all sorts of problems, while the surgeon maintains I’m to wear the shoe while weight bearing I am allowed now to shower without it on. Just need to keep it on when arriving and departing the bathroom! Now why would I share that you ask? Well just think how awesome but basic it is, when you stand in the shower on a cold winter’s morning and have hot water drip over your body and have it run down your legs and between your toes. Yeah! I missed doing that for 5 weeks, it’s just one really small thing that you’d normally take for granted that is a really nice part of waking up in the morning!

The other thing which is big for me this week is pool clearance. There obviously are still somethings I’m unable to do, but this morning I headed into work to use their pool. Caught up with the lifeguard who has to be on duty when you swim. Touched based and handed over my membership form.

Went through with him what I planned to do and got my gear poolside (see photo below)


Being the first time in the pool after surgery and first time in the pool at work I picked a time when I knew there would be few people around (8am on a Saturday morning) the swim school hasn’t started yet and it’s the first day of the term 2-3 holidays) I couldn’t see too many people coming in that early! Little did I know I’d have the entire aquatic area in work’s new $15M sports centre to myself!

Never had that happen before and as you can see i got all my gear right to the pool edge.

I was a little concerned about how today would go. The requirement to wear post OP shoe was going to make getting in and out of the pool hard. Sure I could risk walking, but I’m making such good progress why risk it?!

Using my chair transfer technique I got down to the pool deck and lowered myself in. There is a wheelchair hoist, but my pride and determination was not going to let that happen!

When I caught up with the podiatrist on Thursday I had her review my hydro rehab program from last year and we modified it a bit.

Was great to be back in the pool, at one point I go back into “cycling” which is a couple of noodles under the arms and the legs were going crazy.

The pool has three depths, the best part being the 2M middle deep section, great for leg extensions and full ROM cycling. at 179cm I ain’t going to hit the pool floor.

Even managed some arms only swiming!

In true form at around the 40 minute mark I was cramping like hell in my feet so it was time to get out.

So I had to figure out a way to lift myself back onto the pool deck. Worked out I could hop onto the landing of the stairs and then do a seated twist up.

Worked really well. concerned about the foot cramping, but that’s to be expected.

Suspect next week it will be 3 to 4 pool visits, after Thursday it will really be on as I will be cleared for full weight bearing.

The pool is going to be amazing for me to build strength and get my cardio fitness back.

In the words of “big kev” I’m excited!



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