Daily Hydro Rehab

The pool at work is proving to be a great bonus for me right now.

It’s not open on Sunday but so far I’ve been every other day since Saturday and the aim is to continue that.

On Thursday this week I get cleared to walk without the post OP shoes, first time in 6 weeks.

In preparing for this, each day I’m trying to walk in the pool.

Again it sounds simple but in recovery it’s quite a challenge. For me balance, stability and RH forefront push off are real issues. The pool gives you the benefit of reduced load bearing and to some degree some safety (if you fall in the pool the only thing your going to hurt is your pride)

I’m well accessorised for this little adventure! 3 pool noodles (one is cut into quarters ) kick board, pool buoy, prescription swim goggles, fins (currently not in use) ear & nose plugs. Snorkle (again not currently in use) and a water running belt.

I personal train tomorrow night so i needed to give my upper body a bit of a rest today.

For me to stabilise in the pool to walk I had the water running belt on and a noodle out in front. The trick with most things is to start of small and slow.

The pool I’m using has three depth’s the shallow end at around 1.1m the middle deep section at 2M (perfect for full leg extension water running) and the “shallow  {deep}) ” end at 1.4M.

Over all it’s a brilliant facility to have access to onsite at work.

The water is a little cool for rehab but for lap swimming ( I’ve actually managed to pump out about 200M in arms only swimming) it’s almost spot on (could be a couple of degrees warmer)

Challenge for me tonight is to get to bed early and rise early enough to rehab tomorrow am and PT in the afternoon.

I’m really keen to do as much “walking” practice in the pool I can. Thursday afternoon is going to be quite the challenge and the better developed I am in water, the better I will cope on land.

Still got a few muscle cramp issues going on, the frozen golf ball is doing wonders!

What impressed me so much tonight, is for the first time post OP I’ve come away with muscular soreness in my legs for the right reasons!

First session water running, but even with almost no resistance and literally no impact it’s great for cardio!

Was brilliant tonight, worked well within my exercise limits (although I did push them) and I can feel the benefits already both physical and mental!

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