Getup, put your foot on the ground, no second thought

So yesterday was kind of a big deal for me.

Surgery was a  little over 6 weeks ago and the requirement to be in a post op shoe when weight bearing was lifted.

I no longer had to think about getting up and putting my foot on the ground. I didn’t have to put a shoe on to go anywhere. I could just stand on my two feet and start to walk.

Well that was the idea anyway!

Caught up with my podiatrist and I’ve started gait training, gait is basically what you do when you walk. It’s how you step/move.

For the second time in just over a year i’m having to learn to walk again. It might not sound like a really simple thing to do, but for me ,my anatomy has changed and so my body has to lean how to cope with the change (one that will be permanent) and I have to make sure I teach by body good habits so that in time I actually walk like I should.

Right now that’s actually really hard to do as when I push off on my right foot I generally get a fairly severe pain response.

This brings me back to the pool where I can literally take most of the weight off, slow it down, break it down and nit pick like hell. Take a moment to focus on what I’ve been shown and learn how to develop that over time.

Progress is slow and at times very frustrating. When you consider a week ago I hadn’t been in a pool for 5 weeks I’m actually doing quite well. the trick is to push enough but not over do it.

This week I’ve spent roughly about 4 hours in the pool. I’m really lucky to have a great pool at work and it does make rehab a lot more easily accessible.

At the end of the day I have to focus on these basic things as sadly I’ve learnt again how reliant we are on out feet and if you don’t have “happy feet” then quite literally it can throw out the rest of your body.

This hopefully will only be a short term thing, but while still focused and determined I must admit there is still a lot of frustration.


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