The informed patient

it’s amazing what taking control of your health care can do for you.

I’m battling a number of issues on the health front and despite that I pride myself in being an informed consumer or in this case informed patient.

It’s natural and healthy to be curious about things, but as a good friend once pointed out you also don’t want to over analyse things! It’s getting the balance right which is the trick.

My Physio is a great one for promoting evidence bases therapy/ approach / treatment.

Turns out it’s a really great way to investigate the situation and it’s good to know particularly when I fact check that I know people have been here before.

Had a comment made to me today by one of my health care team that another member of that team is getting better in sending letters more timely as they are aware that there is close followup done by others and well as me.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m really fortunate to have access to some of the most amazing, skilled,  dedicated people in helping support me as my life journey continues.

The collaboration between them all is awesome, a “synergy” if you like.

While ultimately it’s up to me and my determination and dedication in how I comply with directives. This journey is one that can’t be done alone on many levels.


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