Belive in yourself

So the past couple of weeks have been really interesting.

Until yesterday I have been getting around with a Aircast Foam Walker (Moon boot) and crutches. Today with advise the moon boot is gone and it’s just crutches for about a week.

One of the key things I’ve found with my journey so far is you need to believe in yourself. I know it sounds dogy, something you’d see on an infomercial, but if you can’t confide in yourself, honestly what hope have you got!

Now I’m not saying that you can do this by yourself, you need to have a good support network, this is the key. You Need to believe in yourself that you can do what your setting out to achieve and as part of that surround yourself with the right people. That’s where “Team Pilko” comes in. I didn’t know how to exercise or cook. Did I believe I could do it, yes I did! Could I do it myself? Well not really.

So embrace change, motivate yourself where you can and take advise, you’ll be the better for it!

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