City Bay Fun Run

So early bird registrations for the city bay closed at midnight last night.

I’m pleased to report we have 6 paid up entrants (1 being me of course) in Team Pilko.

I started this blog to record and share my expriences, never did I imagine that I’d inspire others along the way.

That said I’m up against it this week. Work went nuts today and promisses to only get more so. I’m really worried about the ankle injection on Friday.

I’m over stressing about things I have no control over, I’m over it.

What happens, happens, I’ve got wide shoulders!

The worst thing to worry about, is worry itself.



94 days, from crutches to walking 6km

So right now I’m four weeks and a day since surgery.

I still can’t walk all that far and I’m still on crutches. With the help of team Pilko I’m going to pull it all together in 94 days and walk the 6km leg of the City to Bay Fun Run.

It really is a challenge when I have to accept “not now” but every little bit I do now will see me reach that target of 6km on the 16th of September.

I’m getting my passion and ambition back, something I hadn’t realized how much mattered to me.

This morning is a recovery time after Hydro and Pilates yesterday stirred things up a bit too much.

This afternoon will need to be a Hydro session.

Now to literally go put my feet up.