Discharge – Day 2

My blog is going to be a little out of kilter as I attempt to catch up events of the last few weeks and now I blog about my recovery.

Two days ago I had a Sesamoidecty of my right foot and 1st mtp arthroplasty I’m yet to blog about the first 24 hours. I’ll have to blog soon before I forget.

So for the moment there will be massive gaps.

Today started off fairly well I finally managed to sleep reasonably well until I was woken around 05:30 for obs. Now I know the nurses have a role to perform and I need to let them do their work.¬†Because I have sleep apnea I wear a mask a full face one at that. So it’s virtually impossible to hold a conversation wearing one, it’s just easier to remove it.

So when I awoke they ask for my pain score which I said I had to think about for a moment as I had virtually been jolted awake.

I said about 6 as it was starting to get fairly sore, they said did you want something for it? After the fun of yesterday I was written up for virtually everything. I really wanted to go home today and the only way that was happening was for my pain to be under control. For that to happen I couldn’t take any pain relief that wasn’t available to me on discharge.

So I picked carefully!

Breakfast was late which was annoying. The day nurse had already come in and introduced herself and said her job was to help kick me out of hospital. I was all to happy for that to happen and she did everything she could to help.

For me I badly needed food and when breakfast arrived it was such a relief. As this was likely the last time I’d see the kitchen staff I thanked her for her service. The food had been amazing.

She thanked me for my compliments and commented on how much better I seemed today.

Breakfast was toast, ceral , juice and cuppa tea.

Large breakfast but I needed the energy!

Once that was done it was time to shower, shave (I didn’t shave yesterday) and get into clothes! for most of Wednesday I was in a hospital gown and finally changed into PJ’s after yesterday’s shower.

Showering without being able to weight bear on one leg is actually quite a challenge, as is getting disrobed and clothed!

Shaving while unable to stand shouldn’t be that hard but you have to get the height right so you can see yourself and get reach to the basin.

Thankfully hospital bathrooms are setup with well placed grab bars.

I was more stable today and got the hops under control.

Managed to get dressed rather well.

Headed back into the room and collected everything.

Packed myself up and then waited to be collected.

My brother-in-law came with his daughter to pick me up.

I started to NWB on my right leg and move around on elbow crutches and the nurse asked if I wanted a wheelchair to the car. She was concerned as I hadn’t been outside my room (i’m under instruction to stay off my feet for the first few days) so I need to be careful.

Given I had no idea where my ride was parked and we were upstairs it was time to play it safe. Was odd being in a wheelchair, I’m used to being the one who does the pushing.Any how the car is a large family car, and I easily got in.

Sadly I’ve had plenty of practice getting in and out of cars with crutches, it’s a bit like a bike (using crutches that is)

I needed to fill a script so of to the chemist I headed. It was offered for my script to be filled for me but I wanted to fill it myself.

There is something satisfying about doing things for yourself, but there are times you have to ask for help.

I always go to the same chemist where I can and the staff member who served me remembered that I had problems last year.

I got my script and we headed home.

Was nice being outside after being stuck inside for 48 hours.

When I got home the house was cold and I quickly fired up the aircon to take the chill off.

I thanked Brett & Kiristy (my ride) for getting me home and I wished them farewell.

I had pr-arranged for home aids to be delivered (bed cradle, bed back rest and shower stool) I rang the supplier yesterday saying I wasn’t sure if I was coming home from hospital. to my surprise when I rang him he said he’d swap what he was going and he was at my door in under 20 minutes.

The most exciting part of the equipment supplied is called a Knee Walker, it’s something I wish I had known about last year. It would have made a world of difference! I’ll post separately about this, but it’s made such a difference!

Spent the day swapping between bed and the lounge room. Not able to rest much right now, still too much excitement about being home.

Had a pre packed ceasar salad and apple for lunch. After lunch I out smarted myself and fell off the knee walker on our front door step landing on the concrete, that wasn’t fun and I was dam lucky how i fell. I rolled and didn’t put my arms out to save me and my operated leg protected thank goodness. So it was clear to me I was trying to do to much and getting a bit over excited. So I went inside sorted out my bed and rested.

I’ve got Foxtel and put on one of the music stations was a nice way to pass the time.

Had lite n ezy for dinner and watched a bit of tv and started to blog/ write a bit.¬† It’s now a little after 11pm and I need to sleep.

Going to give myself the weekend NWB on the right foot and try slowly to PWB I’m waiting for the pain to reduce a bit. I’ve already reduce the dosage of pain killers which is good.