Not like last time, at all

So I’m a little bit past the 3 month mark and things are progressing but not quite as I’d like.

I’ve not been in a situation where I’ve felt sharing on my blog what has been going on. There has be quite a few developments and a lot of different options put to me about what lays ahead.

At the moment I have severe pain in the operated foot, there is still significant swelling. Thankfully a cortisone injection reduced some of the swelling. The remaining swelling will just be a matter of rest and time.

I’ve transisitioned  out bunion style post op shoes initially into runners then into a specialised rocker bottom shoe. We have not seen sufficient progress so for the moment a set back of sorts will see me in dual moon boots for about the next two weeks.

Hopefully in this time the foot will rest enough to allow me to go back into normal shoes and get back literally onto my feet.

While it looks terrible (two moon boots) i’m now able to walk almost normally, something I’ve not been able to do since surgery.

i’m also heavily strapped with ridged strapping tape which I’ve been asked to keep dry. That means that i’m unable to get into the pool at all.

While it’s a disappointment, it’s only for a few weeks and ultimately if the rest now means I get back to “normal” in the near future so be it.

Something that was a big downer for me initially was having to accept that I would miss my major recovery goal of the Adelaide, City – Bay Fun Run this year.

As we get closer to the event it is clear that there is no physical way I could complete the course and it would be a waste of money to register. There will always be next year and when I do cross that finish line it will make the victory all that much sweeter 🙂

I continue to be amazed at the dedication of those in my health care team who work so closely with me to support me through this time.