It’s interesting in life what can motivate people, wealth, power, greed?!?

In my case it was a feeling of feeling lonely and isolated, I also wanted more out of life.

I’ve started the road back to fitness and along the way it seems like I’ve motivated people.

I work in a team of at 5, it was common place us to all live off junk food then after people noticed me dropping the kilos all of a sudden the reduction of junk food occurred. Now   I can’t take all the credit a couple have do or are traveling overseas but all in all they have turned their diets around.

Mind you the bastards still get KFC from time to time, they no better to ask me if I want it. I’ve actually had KFC a couple of times in the past few months, but it’s been a small serving I’ve only eaten half of a regular chips and the chicken has been in a twister not a fat laden burger or piece of chicken. I actually prefer to cook my own on my new cookware.

The other motivation which is now turning to be co-motivation is an ex college and friend Leigh, he’s started his own journey and even posted about me Leigh’s plan is to loose 77lbs in 7 months about 35kg.

Best wishes to Leigh

I’ve also had a couple of great motivators in my journey (there are many) but will share two important ones.

PT, my PT is a great guy, I’m motivated, a little bit too keen at time, he’s coped with my injury really well and we’ve been doing modified workouts for the past month or so. We’re down to 30 minutes a week and apart from moving stations I’m seated the entire time.

I’m not cleared for any weight baring exercise, so even with that limitation I still give my upper body a damn good work out and fatigue those muscles!

Emma “bouncing Emma” or “Emma on caffeinated protein shakes” is one of those annoying fitness people but all in the right ways.

A group exercise instructor at my gym she’s instructed an aqua x-train class as well as a boxing x-train class. There’s something about this woman that makes me give 150%, well beyond what I think I’m able to give, yet she smiles and coarseness you all the way, it hurts you sweat but some how your drawn in for more.

Emma has moved on from the gym but we are still keeping in touch. This is great as she’s been a real inspiration despite me splashing her during one of the classes and striking her in the chest with a punch when she got distracted while pad holding.

Tough but fair is our Emma