The long and winding road

So here I am, around 9 months Post OP, it still hurts when I put my foot to the ground
and I’m still limited in what I can do.

It’s frustrating as hell, but there are signs of improvement and this is where having regular appointments
with the likes of your Physio and in particular my Podiatrist.

An ind├ępendant person, an expert in their field can monitor your recovery and help you along the way.

I’ve gone through some really intense moments over the past few months and I’ve decided not to blog about most of them.

I have total faith in my medical team and I’m so lucky to have such a bunch of skilled and dedicated people managing my case.

In the orthopaedic centre I go, for “complex cases” they hold a foot and ankle clinic once a month, where the primary practitioners of Physio, Podiatry and the Surgeon and a few others
convene and do a panel review of your case with you there.

I’ve been to two so far, and to have between 10-15 people all looking over your case notes and reviewing you at once is a bit intimidating, but knowing that everyone is there
trying to find a why to aid your recovery and improve your situation is just amazing.

So while it has ben touch, progress is being made, although some days it dosn’t feel like it.

Hopefully with the latest round of changes to my orthodics and footwear I can get back to a closer “normal” walking style and get more mobile.